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My Filler Strong (1x1ml) with the cross linking technology, which grants a superior performance of the hyaluronic acid after its injection: longevity and moisture retention.


Order My Filler Strong (1x1ml),The cross-linked hyaluronic acid combines with thousand of water molecules expanding. Where it is injected as well as the skin depressions also wrinkles and scars. At the same time, it hydrates the cells around the application and gives a shine and healthy appearance for the patient.

Order My Filler Strong (1x1ml) with the cross linking technology, which grants a superior performance of the hyaluronic acid after its injection: longevity and moisture retention.

Another important characteristic of My My Filler Strong (1x1ml)is the product fluidity. Different from several companies, which the product injection is hard due to the high viscosity. The injection of My Filler is smooth and comfortable.

The blue/transparent personalized syringe with unique piston shape, gives a great grip as well as security and easy handling for the operator. And, in consequenceand also a comfortable procedure for the patient.

It is also very important to mention the great plastic feature of My Filler when it is on-site. Thats it can be mouldable by the doctors with the standard post procedure massage as it takes the desired shape and remains at the site. Buy dermal fillers online USA

Buy My Filler Strong (1x1ml)

Specially created and developed in Italy in one of the most modern laboratory and research center by a highly qualified team. My Filler uses a very save and secure cross-linking protocol. Where residuals of impurities are practically absent. All the production stages are made in a sterile environment (sterile chamber) which guarantees a pure final product.

My Filler composition counts with a specially selected HA molecular weight particles in different viscosities solution anddifferent hyaluronic acid concentrations. A complex formulation like that covers all possible and desired aesthetic clinical facial treatment.

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